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EMITREMMUS is a one-man band who arranges and composes music to create suggestive atmospheres and often surreal environments.
While not has a preferred style, his music is in constantly change once to explore many different musical styles and influences.
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Daedric Conjurer

DAEDRIC CONJURER is a duo project. Their name reflects the atmosphere of their music: gloomy, mythical, magic, doom and gently evil.
Inspired by black and doom metal, the band compose instrumental music to create a mixture of melodies, atmosphere and raw metal.
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Tainted Lovers

TAINTED LOVERS is a post-punk band from Italy who is inspired by legendary British bands and sound of the 80s.
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Who we are, what we do and why.

Takusama born close in 2005 of necessity to give space to the musical and artistic creations of a teenager.
With the time Takusama evolved together the artist, becoming a concrete and active project in the underground music scene with the name of Emitremmus.
The desire to conceive music as an encounter and mix of sounds, led Emitremmus working on different musical genres, with the same passion and desire as when he was a younger: discover, learn and make experience.
Today Takusama is a small intimate music studio where Emitremmus and other artists meet and stay together, to create new arrangements, concepts and projects.

Here is where passion makes music. Enjoy your stay.